Skived PTFE Tape

slick surface PTFE film tapes with silicone adhesive

Skived PTFE tape uses a skived polytetrafluoroethylene film backing. This tape offers an extremely low coefficient of friction. Acrylic adhesive and liner is available upon special request.

• Low Friction
• Good Chemical Resistance
• High Temperature Resistance


Skived PTFE tape provides good conformability when unwound from the roll compared to typical extruded PTFE film tapes. By adding an adhesive to one side, the need for mechanical fastening is eliminated. These tapes offer high elongation (up to 300%), and provide an excellent surface when the dimensional stability and 

pressure resistance of coated fabric is not required. Used for the high temperature resisting, acid-resisting, alkali-resisting, protective shielding

of low surface friction of heating panel, connection and wrapping of cables with high voltage and temperature. It is used

in electrical insulation application meeting class H requirements.

  • Non-stick PTFE film provides an exceptionally slick surface for easy clean-up
  • Silicone adhesive provides clean removal from a variety of surfaces
  • Wide temperature range for performance on heated machinery and equipment

Skived PTFE Tape Specifications

Skived PTFE Tape Applications


Areas of use include mechanical applications such as electrical insulation and cable wrapping, bellows and hose liners, gaskets, tank and vessel lining, slide 

bearings, skid ways, pipe support and bearing tape. They are also used in many other applications requiring high temperature resistance, low friction and 

a non-stick surface use on extrusion lines where rubbers, plastics or sticky products may stick to other belt surfaces.


Skived PTFE Tape for Electrical Insulation

  • Coil wraps
  • Separators
  • Transformers
  • Slot liners


Wire and Cables

Their low elongation properties and special manufacturing processes make them ideal for wrapping applications. It is commonly used in aerospace applications 

to wrap airframe wire harnesses.


Anti Stick & Release Medium

Skived PTFE tape functions as an anti-stick or easy-release medium between surfaces where pressure, temperature changes and other factors may create a measure 

of adhesion. Ideal to assist in the movement of web materials in many types of roll-wrap applications.

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