Dispensing Needles

Dispensing Needles  

offers a comprehensive range of dispensing needles in various lengths, shapes and styles to meet a variety fluid dispensing 

applications from fluid dispensing tips to adhesive dispensing tips. Selection of the tip is crucial to ensure precision dispensing 

is achieved and length, shape and size of the tip will define the shape of the fluid deposit and performance of your dispenser system. 

Dispensing needles and syringes help to dispense precise amounts, and ensure precise placement of fluids, adhesives, and sealants. Adhesive syringes are ideal for repairing bubbles in carpet and vinyl flooring, or injecting glue into splits, chips, and cracks in woodworking applications. 



1.  Precision s/s Tips Needles


                                                                   2.  Stainless Needles (Metal Needle)


                                                                   3.  Tapered Tip


                                                                   4.  Teflon Tip


                                                                   5.  PP Flexibility tip


                                                                   6.  PP Soft Tip


Precision s/s Tips Needles 



Stainless  Needles 



Tapered Tip



Teflon  Needles



PP Flexible Syringe Needles







                                                                    Offering the widest range of dispensing tips for use with syringe barrels, dispense bottles, dispense valves and robots. All tips are 

                                                                    industrial grade safe for use to 100 psi fluid pressures and are certified silicone-free. With luer lock secure attachment for leak free dispensing. 

                                                                    Tips can be used for making controlled deposits of glues, adhesives, gels, pastes, silicones, primers and lubricants.


                                                                    All tips feature a female luer lock hub for safe connection at air pressures to 100 psi and are industrial grade safe and silicone free. 

                                                                    Tips can be used with most fluids, adhesives, pastes or chemicals.  

    All dispensing tips twist onto luer lock syringe barrels or fittings or push onto luer slip syringe barrels for a secure attachment.


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