ESD Antistatic bag

ESD Antistatic bag

It is made of Aluminum foil
The product has good anti-static performance,and it can be well vacuumed.
It has high transparency,low oxygenation rate,good moisture-proof performance and strong puncture strength.
It is also easy to heat sealing ,and it's hard to aging.

Integral antistatic, low tribocharging properties
Integral static dissipative properties
Manufactured on specially designed soft fold converting machines
                                                                   Lot coded
                                                                   Polycarbonate compatible containing no amines or N-octanic acid
                                                                   Testable to industry standards
                                                                   Antistatic, low charging, reclosable zipper


                                                                   An antistatic bag is a packaging material that is specially designed to help prevent static electricity interacting with sensitive 

                                                                   electrical components. These bags are made of plastic polyethylene terephthalate and often used to store and transfer electrostatic 

                                                                   sensitive equipment. They come in many different sizes, from small bags for RAM chips to big bags for motherboards. Many antistatic bags 

                                                                   have a silver color and are semi-reflective, while others are mostly clear and black, blue, or pink. If you have ever purchased a computer 

                                                                   hardware device, such as a hard drive, sound card, or video card, it likely came inside an antistatic bag.


                                                                   The pictures are examples of how an antistatic bag may look. The top picture shows a mostly clear antistatic bag with a network 

                                                                   card inside. The bottom picture shows a dark gray antistatic bag for a stick of RAM.

                                                                   Antistatic or ESD bag for PCI card   Antistatic or ESD bag for RAM  


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