4ply Activated carbon face Mask

 4 Ply Activated Carbon Face Mask


Our Charcoal Activated Filter Face Masks are superior four layer design (3 ply non-woven fabric + 1 ply

activated carbon material) means you are fully protected in all working environments while using a comfortable

mask that will not interfere with your vision or breathing while outside .

This type of disposable mask is the best choice for people with chemical sensitivities and allergies asthma because

charcoal filters are natural protection at its very best.

These Charcoal Activated Filter Face Masks offer first-rate protection against the dangerous air found in all industrial work

                                                                   situations such as; Painting, Welding, Using industrial cleaning chemicals, Using industrial glues, Spraying insecticides or

                                                                   pesticides, Working with insulation, Odor guard when doing waste management, Working with petroleum and natural gas

                                                                   fumes, Labs with refining chemicals, And much more!



                                                                    1.   Disposable face mask with elastic ear loops, designed with four layers structure..

                                                                    2.   Comfortable & Easy to Breath: Special active carbon use with Melt-Blown Method, from fitting design and perfect waterproof performance..

                                                                    3.   Excellent Filtration: Anti-dust anti-bacterial odorless for work or home use. Permits air passage, and glasses do NOT fog..

                                                                    4.   Comfortable, Durable & Lightweight: KOSOX face mask is made of soft, non-irritating material, and fiberglass-free material..

                                                                    5.   Each Piece in Health INDIVIDUAL wrapped, 50PCS/BOX, Mini bag of DESICCANT protected. Dimension: 6.7*3.7inch (17*9.5cm)..




                                                                    1.    Disposable, single-use.

                                                                    2.   Economical, light, environment-friendly

                                                                    3.   Non-irritating, breath

                                                                    4.   Comfortable to wear

                                                                    5.   Easy for use

                                                                    6.   OEM box, customized package

                                                                    7.   Prevent contamination from bacteria, dust, breathing or coughing

                                                                    8.   BFE > 95% - 99%





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