Cotton Tape

rolls of cotton tape with and without red line in middle

Cotton tape is strong and cost-effective for a variety of electrical applications. With their heat resistance and insulation property, 

they are often used as bindings of coils for electrical machinery and appliance.

  • Cost Effective
  • High Tensile Strength
  • Easy and Safe to Handle


Cotton tape is used in large quantities for electrical insulation. Cotton is strong since it is a staple fiber with a natural twist. Cotton tape,

also referred to as ribbons or tapes webbings, are all considered as woven narrow fabrics if they contain woven selvedges and are less

than 12 inches. Woven narrow fabrics that come in a variety of raw material compositions, widths, strengths, and fibers and are often 

used in place of rope and webbing versatile components.

Cotton Tape Specifications



Cotton Tape Applications

Herringbone patterned woven cotton tapes are used to wrap armatures, field coils, field coil supports and transformer windings. They are also used to wrap cables, in electrical appliances 

and as a sacrificial item in resin or shellac coating processes.


Used extensively in the electrical industry in the application and insulation of electrical apparatus. Some common uses are: as armature and field coil wrappers, field coil supports, transformer 

windings and cable wrap.

Sacrifice items.

When an economy application is needed in which the wrapping is to be used as a sacrifice item, cotton tape is the logical answer. It has generally poor resistance to mildew and is flammable. 

It is attacked by high and low concentrations of acid and alkalies but generally unaffected by organic solvents. Cotton will lose tensile strength at elevated temperatures.

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